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In search of good pizza   
01:15pm 25/04/2009
  Any recommendations on a good place for Chicago-style deep dish pizza in ABQ?  
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Random Quote of the Day   
11:17am 12/03/2009
  They won't have had the inoculating effect of being
raised Catholic, which, if nothing else, at least stimulates
development of the religious immune system.
Life Lessions   
12:14pm 26/02/2009
  It always pays off to have the IT people like you.

They reworked the wiring for all the cubes in my office this morning so that I could have a wired connected for my laptop, and they are going to look into getting me a printer!
07:44am 04/11/2008
  When asked the only thing I could think to say about him was that he owned a suspiciously large number of crowbars for someone that rented.  
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10:25am 17/09/2008
  Why must the speed of light be so bloody fast?

I do such cool things if it just a factor of 10 slower...
07:53pm 08/08/2008

Originally uploaded by dnabre
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09:24pm 06/08/2008
  Sometimes, you realize that something has become a habit...

*pops nightly handful of opiates*

and your life has become something totally different than it ever was before...

*searches around desk for cane*

I've started using $j$ instead of $i$. Something has certainly gone wrong with my life.
09:35am 25/09/2006
  "Is that blood on your keyboard?"
"Oh, yeah. Sorry about that."
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01:14pm 17/08/2005
  Just me, or when you feel the need to start including hashes of function pointers on all your structs so that you get bad (not to mention indecipherable) polymorphism, you should consider using a language other than C.

(It should be noted this code isn't actually written in C, but the C-like language which gcc compiles by default).
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04:05pm 13/07/2005

"100 killed in three-train crash | Watch Free"
04:08pm 30/06/2005
  So I'm talking with the prof. I work for, and my work and such, and she tells me that
she's funding me with money she didn't really have any other use for, so she doesn't
really care if I get anything accomplished this summer.

I'm not sure if that's good thing or not.
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12:56pm 09/06/2005
  I want my mail client to be able to be told, when responding to this mailing list X using account Y. Is that too much to ask?  
11:42am 06/06/2005
  *trying to find jaw...*

Apple is moving to Intel.
Jobs is doing the keynote on a P4 running OS X Tiger

Mathematica was ported to OS X/x86 by one person in 5 days.
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04:52pm 03/06/2005
  Tooth pain == badness
Dentist Visit == badness
Filling == badness
Paying Dentist == badness
Going back do to worse pain than the first place == very badness
Having the filling of a tooth with already severe pain redone == uber badness

Vicodin == yummy happy goodness
For those of you not on cschat...   
12:41pm 02/06/2005
  This is very cool:

Amusing line of the evening   
08:42pm 01/06/2005
  "You're playing Dungeons & Dragons, pal, if you are trying to be "cool" then you failed your saving throw. "
Breakdaddy, EN World Forums.
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08:02pm 01/06/2005
  The Sable is once again all vrrmmy, and I'm out of Dr. Pepper.  
09:50pm 18/05/2005
  Greg the Bunny rocks.  
Finding the Weight of a Fishhook   
10:34am 17/05/2005
  Recently I needed to find out the weight of a fish hook*. Of course, being a master of Google-Fu, and being relatively certain that this information was on the Internet somewhere, I hit google. I hit google hard.

Of course, the naive searches like "fish hook weight" did yield anything useful. Adding expected words like gram, gauge, mass, didn't either. It was a few days ago that I did my last work on it, so I can't relate my entire series of searches. Let's just say that I still don't know how much a fish hook weighs.

Sometimes lexical searching techniques are just not enough. Yet, everybody's going to search based techniques for data organization. Rather said, people are to lazy to maintain hierarchies. I could have found my information easily enough Measurements->Weight of Things->Sports->Fishing->Fishing hook is easy enough isn't it?

* I'm aware that there's quite a variety of different fish hook sizes/shapes and accordingly weights. I wasn't picky. (Though a 1-inch fishhook without barb would have been preferably).
11:38am 04/05/2005
  *happy bounciness*

An accuracy-based learning classifier system with a bounded population size will not evolve an optimal classifier population. It does not prefer classifiers advocating the optimal policy to those that don't.

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